Prada is the new Black

Violet Gross

In the early 90’s the little black nylon bag with the understated yet iconic Prada triangle stitched at the top center was quite possibly the hippest, coolest, must-have bag. Wether you had the backpack or the shoulder bag, the Nylon Prada was the bag of the decade compared to it's over-embellished or logo-centric counterparts from Chanel and Louis Vuitton (hard to imagine right??).

As expected, the pendulum swings and fashion fiends couldn’t get enough of the studded, sequined, rhinestoned styles spewing from the likes of Dolce and Gucci — the gaudier the better. Well the pendulum has swung back in favor of Prada’s minimalism. Maybe it’s the flashlight on sustainability, making people crave it’s simplicity, or maybe it’s the fact Kendall Jenner is almost never without hers, or maybe it’s the sheer practicality of that nylon sucker (I don’t know about you but my white leather Celine requires a personal wipe down every time I bring her out) — whatever the reason, the nylon Prada is BACK! However the trademark bag is entering modern times and modern times in fashion means the environment must be considered first.

Introducing the new Prada, the "Re-Nylon” bag made from nylon reclaimed from ocean plastics, fishing nets and textile fiber waste. The “Re-Nylon” bag is part of an initiative by Prada to use only repurposed nylon by 2021. If they can pull this off it means 700,000 meters of nylon used annually will now be recycled. Hallelujah!

The new nylon was created in partnership with Italian synthetic fiber producer Aquafil whose recycled nylon products have been used by Gucci and Stella McCartney as well. A collection of six bags will be created for the “Re-Nylon” version including the belt bag, the shoulder bag and two Prada backpacks (OMGEEE). The price point is similar but slightly less than the original and if you can’t afford to get your hands on a new “Re-Nylon” start scouring TRR and vintage stores for the OG. Oh - and of course list it on Tulerie so we can share!

xx Merri