You already wore it, now let someone else!
— tulerie co-founders

What is Tulerie

Tulerie is a new way of thinking about your closet.  We all grew up sharing clothes with our sisters and friends and it wasn’t just resourceful — it was fun!

We are reinventing the experience of sharing clothes by modernizing the tools and expanding the options beyond your inner circle.

Tulerie is an opportunity to both expand your wardrobe options and profit on what you own by sharing closets with conscious and fashionable women in your city and around the U.S.

Our Reason

With the rise of fast fashion and compulsive consumerism, having a big appetite for fashion comes at a cost — a trend we feel guilty buying into. Guilty for over-buying, guilty for impulse purchases simply because items were cheap, and guilty for believing newer is better.

We still believe fashion is the ultimate power tool; the source for self-expression, re-invention and discovery. Our mission is to provide a fashion portal that provides an alternative and conscious way to enjoy fashion.


By borrowing versus buying, you can indulge in of-the-moment pieces you would never wear to its fullest potential alone. By lending, you can underwrite those heritage pieces from high-end designers (because ethical is expensive) by temporarily sharing it with women just like you.

And we don't stop there. We know clothing disposal is a natural part of your wardrobe lifestyle even if you share your closet, so Tulerie is committed to implementing disposal solutions that have a more positive impact on our planet. We've partnered with RewearAble to achieve this commitment.  Their dedication and compassion to people and the planet deepens ours.