Frequently Asked Questions


What is Tulerie?

Tulerie provides a mobile platform for women to lend and borrow high-end clothing and accessories.

How do I join?

Request access to the platform by downloading the app and scheduling a brief FaceTime interview with the team.

How do I get started?

As a borrower...

Find it: Scroll through all pieces on the platform or get specific and filter by size, color, and designer.

Request it: Choose a delivery and return date, and rent for 4, 10 or 20 days. You’ll be notified within 24 hours if the request is approved.

Receive It: The item will be delivered via UPS to your home, office or hotel by 8pm on your delivery date.

Return It: Place items in the packaging you received it in (which includes a pre-paid return label). Take the packaging to a UPS drop box by 12pm on your rental return date. Dry-cleaning is handled by the lender.

As a Lender…

List It: Add items from your closet to be borrowed by following the steps provided in the app.

Accept It: You will receive a notification both in the app and via email from Tulerie when a borrow request has been made, at which point you’ll have 24 hours to accept the request before it is automatically cancelled.

Send It: Print the shipping labels from the email you received and place the item in returnable packaging (with the pre-paid return label). Take the packaging to a UPS drop box by 12pm on the ship date prompted by the app.

Clean It: Once you receive the item back from the Borrower, have it cleaned so it’s ready for the next person.



How much does shipping cost?

The Borrower is charged $9.95 on top of the rental fee which covers round trip 2-day shipping.

How do I receive a shipping label?

Click the Shipping Label button within the transaction page to print both shipping labels - one for the Lender to put on the box, and the other for the Borrower to return the items.  Put the Borrower’s label inside the box to make it easy for them.

How do I know when to ship an item?

The app will prompt you on the shipping date, but you will need to ensure push notifications are turned on. Otherwise you can always view the timeline under My Transactions.

How are the items packaged for shipping?

The Lender is responsible for selecting a parcel that can be used for round trip shipping.  We recommend putting items in garment bags or dust bags before putting them in the shipping parcel.  A return shipping label is provided by the Lender in the parcel for easy return delivery.

What if my rental ends on a Sunday or holiday?

Drop it in the mail the very next business day.

Do you ship internationally?

At this time we only ship orders within the U.S., including Hawaii and Alaska.  Orders must also be returned from within the U.S.


Who is responsible for dry cleaning?

We understand dry cleaning preferences vary by user and garment thus the Lender is responsible for cleaning the item after it has been returned by the Borrower. The Lender is responsible for ensuring the item is clean and ready to wear upon delivery to a Borrower.

What is the cleaning fee?

The cleaning fee is determined by the Lender and included in the rental price.


What if I accidentally stain or damage a piece?

Normal wear and tear may occur, which includes stains that can be removed by proper cleaning, minor snags, missing beads, stuck zippers and other minor damage. If you return a product that is damaged beyond normal wear and tear you will be charged, please see our Policies section herein.

What should I do if my item comes back damaged?

Report any damage within 24 hours by emailing support@tulerie.com, and letting the borrower know in the messenger. We handle each scenario on a case by case basis, but will work with both the lender and borrower to pay for damages or replace items.


What type of items are available to borrow?

All categories of clothing, shoes, and accessories that meet our brand list and are in good condition.


When do I get charged and when do I get paid?

Once the Lender accepts the Borrower’s request, the Borrower’s payment method will be charged for the entire amount. Whether the request is two days or two months away, Tulerie holds the payment to give both parties time to make sure that everything is as expected. Around the 1st of every month Tulerie releases payments to Lenders and/or Borrowers (e.g. refunds).

Why is it asking for my payment information twice?

As a Lender you will be asked once to provide a debit card or bank account in order to receive payments. As a Borrower you will be asked once to provide a credit card or debit card to pay for rental transactions.


How do I determine how much to list my item for?

We will provide a suggested rental price based on the retail value of the item, at which point the Lender can accept or amend the rental price for each period of rental days.

How long can I rent an item for?

The Lender can choose if they want to loan their pieces for 4, 10 or 20 days. Each piece will be noted with the allowed loan time.

Can I purchase a piece I am borrowing?

We will soon be offering a Rent-to-Buy option, which will allow you keep the piece you've borrowed rather than sending it back to the lender - if they're willing to part with it.

How can I cancel an item request?

As a Lender you can cancel a request from the Lending page of the App.

As a Borrower you can cancel a request from the Borrowing page of the App.

How do I refer someone to Tulerie?

Email us at admin@Tulerie.com.



We understand that plans change and you may decide to cancel a request. However, that means the item hasn't been available to the rest of the community, so here is how we handle cancellations: If the Borrower cancels fourteen (14) days or more prior to the borrow date, the Borrower will be refunded 100% of the item rental fee; if the Borrower cancels fewer than fourteen (14) days but more than seven (7) days, the Borrower will be refunded 50% of the item rental fee; if the Borrower cancels less than seven (7) days before the borrow date, the Borrower will not be refunded for any amount of the item rental fee.

We hold the Lender accountable to the same standards, so they can't cancel last minute on the Borrower. As a Borrower, you will always receive a 100% refund if your item is cancelled. As a Lender, if you cancel a request in seven (7) or fewer days from the borrow date, you will be charged a $25 cancellation fee. If the Lender late cancels 3 times or more, we will suspend the Lender’s account.


Once you receive an item, you'll have 24 hours to report a fit issue. After you report the issue, you'll have to send that piece back to the owner within the same 24 hour period. Assuming the item hasn’t been worn, we'll issue a refund of the rental fee less shipping.


Out of courtesy to the Lender, we will charge the Borrower a late fee of $50 for each day an item is returned late, plus the average daily rental fee for that particular rental period (not to exceed 200% of the value of the item). If the item is not returned after one week we will charge the Borrower 200% of the current value of the item, as deemed by Tulerie.


As a Borrower, if you borrow a Product and it is not as described you may receive a refund if you notify the Lender and return the item within 24 hours of receiving it (excluding Sundays and holidays).  Once the Lender confirms receipt of Product, Tulerie will then issue a refund, so long as the Product, in the Lender’s discretion, has not been worn.


We take great pride in our community and want you to as well.  This is the main reason we have an "invite only" structure and why reviews are required after each transaction from both the Borrower/Lender.  Just like you, we want to know our possessions are in good hands which is why we created a three strikes and you're out policy, removing you from the Tulerie community. Strikes can include repeat offenses like damaging items, not returning items timely, cancelling requests, lending items not to our standards and anything else we deem as an offense that would make us not want to do business with you.