Brand Focus: RE/DONE

Companies Doing GoodViolet Gross

Denim is the new athleisure...we say, 'Praise Be'.  Believe it or not, the $92.9 billion jeans market has been overshadowed by athleisure brands like Lululemon and Sweaty Betty for the last few years.  According to data from retail tech company, Edited, the woman's jeans market finally saw some serious growth in 2017 compared to it's stretchy competitors. 

As much as we worship the cozy feeling of our leggings, it doesn't compare to the fit of a perfectly worn in pair of jeans. The perfect denim has the power to instantly boost your bum and your confidence, which is why everyone who slithers into a pair of RE/DONE jeans falls is hooked.  But we love RE/DONE for more reasons than that.  Founders Sean Barron and Jamie Mazur are creating the cult favorites by recutting the 400 million pairs of Levi's that have already been worn, loved, and donated, often to the Salvation Army. 

In their eyes, they are creating new product the way other designers often do, by looking to vintage designs and brands for inspiration, but these guys are giving credit back to the brands who may have lost their cool factor, or even have become extinct.  After seven months of unstitching jeans at the seams, and recutting what was made for a man into a woman's form, Sean and Jamie landed on the modern cut they were hoping for and in a few short years have made Levi's a staple again. What makes these jeans even more interesting is imagining the story each unique pair has.  Are the knees a bit more worn on yours because the previous owner spent a lifetime gardening or maybe they are effortlessly faded from the truck driver who sat in his all day.   Regardless, we just want to say thank you to RE/DONE for creating this epicycle movement and to the original Levi's purchaser for breaking in our favorite pair for us. 

Three years of drinking water - or a t-shirt?

WasteViolet Gross

Before we could even reach the sink we learned to conserve water. “Turn off the water while you brush your teeth” our parents remarked. As teenagers it was “Don’t let the shower water run” they lamented.  And so we obliged, not because we believed we would run out of water but because we were kids and they told us to. Well now we’re adults and the scarier, meaner parent 'Day Zero' is here to tell us that running out of water is a real threat, and a current crisis for our South African friends in Cape Town. 

Though the crisis has been postponed it is happening in the very near future (like before your next birthday party). This has made us reevaluate the ways we use water, and not just from a business perspective by supporting innovative eco friendly brands like Reformation, Re/Done, and G-Star but in our own small ways like our parents taught us. Refinery 29 could not have been more timely when they sent shockwaves through our body that it takes 2,720 LITERS of water to make ONE t-shirt.  2,720!  That's three years of drinking water or one t-shirt.  Which would you choose?