It's Time to Invest.

Violet Gross

We love trends. No secret there. We love them for the immediate freshness they add to an old outfit. Like when we wore white Stuart Weitzman mules with a super old (basically vintage) DVF dress, the look instantly felt updated and new. But trends come and go, so in terms of how much effort we put into them when building our closets, we would say not much. It’s the pieces we invest in that excercise serious amounts of time and brainpower. For investment-worthy pieces we look for quality materials, strong craftsmanship, and most importantly style staying power. Only if a piece has those three qualities are we willing to make the investment. The tried and true way to know if an investment is worth it? Save for it first and if you still want the piece once you can pay for it then you know it’s true love.

Here are the pieces we, and our amazing community, have invested in for all of us to share…and a few investments we have our eye on.

Suiting. Not like lawyer-stuck-in-cubicle suiting. We’re talking chi-chi-chic Kathryn Hepburn type suiting. A good blazer goes. with. everything. It also adds immediate polish to any look. And if you have matching suit pants, thats a huge bonus and the look can be worn with sneakers or pumps. Lately, whenever we need suit inspo we turn to Blake Lively, she nails it every time.

Leather. A closet must-have for two reasons, it will never go out of style and it lasts for decades. In a perfect world you should own three leather staples: the leather jacket, the leather pencil skirt, and the leather pant. However, if you can only choose one, the leather jacket takes you from day to night and adds edge to any outfit.

Tea length. Lady like yes, but don’t underestimate the sexiness of this silhouette. Have fun with showing off other parts of the body. Try a tea length dress in sheer fabrics, pair a tea-length skirt with a crop top or tuck in a fitted turtle neck to show of your curves. Show off the ankles with a heeled bootie or flat sandal. This style is so versatile and virtually season-less.

Animal print. Basically a neutral these days. I for one, choose to borrow it, but Merri on the other hand views it as a necessary investment.

If you’ve yet to invest in some of these pieces, use Tulerie to find out what you love first before committing. Next week we will share what trends from fashion month we won’t be buying and instead are looking forward to borrowing…like that crazy fish net dress from Pyer Moss!