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Another Reason to Crush on Tony Stark.

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The Iron Man is handsome, brilliant, witty and fearless. Everything we love it a man. He has defeated evil villains and now he’s tackling the imminent issue of climate change. You know how to touch our hearts Tony.

Through an organization called The Footprint Coalition, Robert Downey Jr. claims ‘we could clean up the planet significantly, if not totally, in 10 years’. When they launch in April 2020, their plan to clean is based around Artificial Intelligence, including robots and nanotechnology. Like us, Downey says he has ‘a quiet sense of crisis’ and that he trusts AI as a significant technological advancement that gave him hope.

To our dismay he didn’t share more than that, so we added our email to the Coalition’s newsletter. Now we wait, with the same anticipation of learning the true fate of Tony and Pepper.

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Brand Focus: Vionnet

Companies Doing GoodViolet Gross

The New York Times dropped a bomb on us earlier this month regarding the UN’s conclusion on the current climate change crisis. There was one key takeaway from the article, the change starts with YOU. As individuals, we need to step-up by making personal changes on how we consume so we avoid catastrophic consequences. The Times article quoted Myles Allen, an Oxford University Climate Scientist saying “It’s telling us [UN Report] we need to reverse emissions trends and turn the world economy on a dime”. On a DIME. Not some time in the near future -- instantly. It's all hands on deck now. But imagine how much quicker change would emerge if businesses also stepped up. That’s why we were thrilled to learn Vionnet is actually shutting down operations in order to completely restructure the company with ecological and social responsibility at the core of all decision making. They are going completely dark for a season or two, a decision likely to lose the brand a ton of revenue, but they are doing this for the greater good. The kind of attitude, fingers crossed, more companies will adopt. A.S.A.P. This reboot by Vionnet also comes with plans to nix fashion week presentations, a bold move, but we hope people will rally behind this heritage brand and support the positive changes they are making on behalf of the fashion industry. We certainly can’t wait to see these changes unfold.

The Only Thing Michael Myers Cannot Survive is Climate Change.

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Halloween is a few weeks away, putting us on our guard for all the scary movies, masks, and haunted houses. We were all but prepared for the requisite boogie boogie boo's, until we were scared shitless by something that is no trick (or treat) — the latest UN report.

According to the report published on Monday, thanks to climate change, we should expect worsening food shortages, wildfires and a mass die off of coral reef by 2040. Do you know what else is supposed to happen by 2040? A baby born today will graduate college that year. IT'S NOT FAR OFF. The majority of the population will witness this crisis.

What makes 2040 "Day 0" of climate change? That’s when the atmosphere will warm up by 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit if greenhouse gas emissions continue at today’s rate. And why is 2.7 degrees such a meaningful number? Scientists had previously thought that inundating coastlines, intensifying droughts and poverty would turn into a major issue when the atmospheric temperature increased by 3.6 degrees, but they recently learned it’s happening more rapidly. They now believe that a 2.7 degree change is the scary number, and we are already half way to meeting that increase. This is when we recite, WTF?

To avoid serious damage, we need to drastically change the world economy in just a few short years. And while economists think it’s possible, many think it’s unlikely. Dare to guess why? Politics. Yup, politics may be the reason a new born doesn’t graduate from college. We rarely muddle around in politics because we believe in people having their own opinions and values, but some things should not be up for debate, and killing our planet is certainly one of them. We cannot think of a better opportunity to remind you to VOTE. Mid-terms are next month, and it is more crucial than ever. The fact that the United States, the worlds largest economy and second largest greenhouse gas emitter, is still threatening to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement (one of few countries that is not committed) is shameful.

Why do we at Tulerie care so much about greenhouse gas emissions? We’re shared our feelings when fires were raging at Burberry, but to remind you it’s because the fashion industry produces as much greenhouse gas emissions as the entire country of Russia. Do you know how big Russia is? As the worlds largest country, it takes up 12.5% of the Earth’s land mass. The dominant reason methane emissions are out of control in the fashion industry is because of the way raw materials are sourced. So we’re going to give our friends at Re/Done, Adidas, Eileen Fisher and Summersalt another round of applause.

We’re hoping the time you would have wasted at Zara shopping for a generic dress to wear to that party next week will now be spent browsing dresses you can borrow. If we can’t sway you, maybe the 91 scientists across 40 countries, who analyzed more than 6,000 scientific studies, can fully convince you to start changing your behavior when they say "avoiding the damage requires transforming the world economy at a speed and scale that has no documented historic precedent.”

Sorry Michael Myers, but you’re weak sauce compared to this.