What Can't You Rent?

Companies Doing GoodViolet Gross

There is an app for everything.  We've said that on a number of occasions.  Nowadays it seems there is a rental business for everything. And since the peer-to-peer rental market is worth $26 billion, we have no choice but to believe it's the new norm.  Obviously that excites us since it proves a theory we at Tulerie stand behind: people value access over ownership. Rent the Runway, Uber and AirBnb are the biggest shared economies, but it doesn't end there.  You can rent ski clothing through KitLender, jewelry through Switch, a Rolex through ElevenJames, baby gear through Babierge, baby clothes at MiaBellaBabies, a car through Turo, an assistant through Task Rabbit, office space through WeWork - an exhaustive list!

The newest concept to enter the rental marketplace sounds questionable at first but hear us out, we think it's pretty genius. Routinely rents workout clothes and sneakers.  They save the day when you've forgotten to pack something, don't have room in your suitcase or when your schedule opens up leaving you with the perfect workout window. In four easy steps you can have a quality workout kit delivered to you anywhere in NYC within a couple hours.  You can even have it delivered directly to the SLT you're headed to.  How convenient is that? Our favorite part is that they carry brands we love - Lululemon, Nike, Outdoor Voices, Adidas, Under Armor and Rhone.  We have to admit to liking the idea of putting that sweaty sports bra into a FedEx bag rather than our Sac du Jour. 

The Closet Challenge

WasteViolet Gross

Dear Lindsay

We'd like to welcome you as an honorary member of the Tulerie family.  I did a similar challenge about 6 years ago.  I decided at the start of a new year,  I would see how far in the year I could get without repeating a single article of clothing - and with no shopping.  

In no time at all it felt like literal snowballs of clothing had accumulated throughout my apartment, I nearly lost my mind.  There were alteration piles, donation piles, offer to a friend piles, resale piles, and on and on. I looked around one Saturday afternoon and felt ashamed; it was only mid-April and the finish line wasn't even in sight.  

How had I amassed so many THINGS? And more importantly, WHY?

Most of us will admit that it's often easier (and way more fun) to buy something new…no sifting through an unorganized closet or worrying whether something is clean or needs to be pressed.  And with the rise of fast fashion retailers the cost of buying new vs. wearing old is almost irrelevant as Lindsay points out, because it's likely cheaper than tonights dinner. And with the constant influx of new items, fast fashion has become an addictive drug. We fully believe in retail therapy and thankfully there are newer ways of getting that high. New outfit tonight, landfill tomorrow…Just Say No! 

To that end, this article has inspired me to take that challenge again.  I am excited to fall back in love with pieces that have collected some dust. I look forward to finding fresh ways of wearing them with pieces I've borrowed from the amazing Tulerie community. I can almost guarantee this project will result in several new listings on Tulerie from pieces I am embarrassed to say, I forgot I had.