Did you know clothing production has doubled in the last 15 years? An important fact for a parade of reasons especially when considering that in the same timeframe the average number of times a garment is worn has moved in the opposite direction. While clothing production accelerates, 84% of unwanted clothes (millions of tons of textiles) go to landfills. The city of New York spends over $20 million per year moving discarded clothing into landfills. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation boldly states, “We need a new textile economy in which clothes are reused more often” — precisely the opportunity Tulerie presents.


Clothing disposal is a natural part of your wardrobe lifecycle and Tulerie is committed to finding disposal solutions that have a more positive impact on the environment. 

We have partnered with the innovative team at RewearAble, a not-for-profit organization who collects clothing of all types and prepares it for reuse or repurposing. Furthermore, the green program provides sustainable employment for people with developmental disabilities; RewearAble was created by Adults and Children with Learning and Developmental Disabilities, Inc. (ACLD), devoted to supporting the pursuit of an enviable life for children and adults with autism, learning and other developmental disabilities.

Please email admin@Tulerie.com for easy instructions on how to donate your unwanted clothing to RewearAble.